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Make The Dog Eat It

In what has to be one of the most ridiculous lawsuits in the history of Canadian telecom jurisprudence a cheating wife is suing Rogers because she was outed by a mobile bill.
Read all of the sordid details here.

Tempting Treat—But No

Ma Bell is stooping to a new low. Today in the post I received a new offer from Bell to convert my existing phone to a “Home Phone”
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A friend of ours, who is a regularly reader of our Weird Telecom posts, sent us this along for your viewing pleasure. We know it’s hard to think that folks would move cable reels into buildings this way but believe us it happens more than you can imagine—hopefully with a bit more planning than these guys.
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Broadband Data Costs

Ericsson just released an interesting report ,written by Greger Blennerud, that dispels a lot of mumbo-jumbo that routinely plagues the mobile data industry. Given Ericsson’s prominence in the industry, and the fact that they have built some of the worlds most populated networks, it bodes well that they predict that broadband costs have nowhere to go but down. From their analysis it seems that mobile data can be as cheap as borscht if you run your network correctly.

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Nortel—Sell It All?

I had great memories of the wonderful things that Nortel developed over the years. It’s too bad it’s come down to this;

Simply SIM

In the category of “old is new again” there comes the fresh, new, waiting to be cracked, SimBook.
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The Spy Who Loathed Me

In a rather interesting move by Research in Motion they have released software which will undo all the bad things done to Blackberry users in the United Arab Emirates by the domestic carrier Etisalat. The intrigue continues. Continue reading ‘The Spy Who Loathed Me’ »

Jail Bird

In the category of “what will they do next in prison?”, we have a story that is so Tony Soprano. It seems that prisoners in the San Paulo, Brazil state pen have managed to raise pigeons that are smuggled out of the prison and then returned with mobile phones attached to them after they have visited a local mobile phone shop.

Whatever happened to baking a phone into a birthday cake? Read the entire tale here at Associated Press.

I Want My P2P

In the ongoing bluff festival being sponsored by the CRTC over the traffic shaping of internet content (read blocking of P2P) it seems that most participants don’t see the obvious. The current lot of carriers are forgetting their history. Continue reading ‘I Want My P2P’ »

Comment Trash

We’ve been struggling to find a way to deal with the regular load of comment spam on our site. Many of our colleagues have just turned off comments. We did not want to take that route since it eliminates any interaction we might have with our loyal readers. However it is becoming more evident with hundreds of spam comments coming in per day we had to do a bit of cleanup. After trialing a few alternative means we are moving forward with a few web based tools to assist.
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