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Network Monitoring—Plug and Pay

A few friends and I were talking about network monitoring last week. We’d all lived through the pain and anguish of the evolution of the network monitoring process. We had nightmares of routers linking large corporate clients not being visible on monitored circuits and dreading the late night call “my circuit is down!”. From the early days of hand configuring routers, installing monitoring tools that did not interconnect, to cascading network failures. It was so much fun!
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Venture Funding Valley

In a recent press release the Canadian Venture Capital Association in what appears to be another volley of concern to the federal government has again chronicled the precipitous fall in investment levels in Canada in the second quarter.
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Breaking: WIND

In an effort to brand themselves as something other than Yak Wireless, the mobile arm of Globalive has chosen the name of WIND. Not actually a very great surprise. Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA boasts nearly 17 million mobile subscribers in Italy and Greece and is controlled by the financial backer of Globalive’s wireless endeavour, billionaire Naguib Sawiris.
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Get BDC Cash PDQ

Finally some good news on the horizon for small tech firms in Canada. Seems the Federal Government is going to front, at the least the seed money, for a new fund that will be managed by Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).
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No VC $ For You

A recent story by The Alternative Assets Network highlighted just how bad it is for both VC’s and their potential investments. Canadian venture investment in companies is falling to very low levels. With a 26% year over year drop in Q3 as measured against 2007 (a very low investment year also) it has to be concerning to fund managers and start ups in general. With about $1B raised to date this year it is off last year by 33%.

Bert Hill over at the Ottawa Citizen reiterated the bleakness of the situation in an article he wrote.
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