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I managed to listen to Verizon’s Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Policy and Communications, Tom Tauke’s speech to US policy makers about his vision for a realigned telecom mandate to update the now crumbling Telecom Act of 1996. Continue reading ‘FCC IMO’ »

Broadband Wherefore Art thou?

Just when you get all of your analysis tools sharpened out comes another report that slags Canadian broadband services. Hmmm… Maybe some analysis is in order?
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Social Studies

In a recent move, that we applaud, Telstra recently has attempted to educate it’s employees about acceptable online behavior. They’ve done it by posting some of their guidelines online—a novel idea.
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Do Not Call Redux

We’ve written before about privacy and the notoriously flimsy Do Not Call list that is shielding your right to privacy here in the GWN. It seems that in the UK things are not getting better.
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Bluster, Bluff and Braggadocio

On the eve of the FCC announcement of the proposed rules for net neutrality Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon Communications CEO, decided it was appropriate to float out a few gallons of FUD at the Supercomm 2009 in Chicago.
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FCC And Net Neutrality

In a recent interview by Cecilia Kang in the Washington Post, Julius Genachowski, the Chairman of the FCC, made some interesting comments about his (and the FCC’s) role in fostering net neutrality. It makes for an interesting read and cause for some serious thinking.
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Company Software Use Legit?

In years of completing due diligence activities with small companies we have run into a number of situations where rapidly growing companies have spent more time on growth and less time on ensuring that they are complying with the rules of software use and licensing. It’s an expensive strategy as twelve companies recently found out.
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CWTA Code of Conduct—Ho Hum

In what has to be the least important telecom press release this summer (and what a testament to hope this summer was) is the recent announcement by the CWTA of the love-in by the Canadian telecom suppliers called the Code of Conduct.
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British Broadband Bait & Switch

On the heels of the just ended CRTC review of broadband throttling (AKA broadband bluffers festival) in Ottawa, news from Britain’s telecoms watchdog indicates that folks in the UK are also being sold a bill of goods by ISPs.
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Shulist Scale Of Conflict

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

Some time ago a few colleagues of ours were sitting around and talking with us about the various scales we have for reference. These include the Beaufort Scale (measures wind speed), Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, and others.

Given our regular ill-informed state, and the fact that drink was on the table, we got into an argument over what makes up the four types of scales (it turns out that the four are nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio and you can read about them here). The argument ultimately led us to opine that there was no scale of conflict.
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