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Customers Care

Customers care about the service you provide them. In fact they care so much they will often walk to your competitor if you treat them with disdain or neglect.
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Threat to OSS and BSS is free.

Just last week I was meeting with a few friends in the OSS business and we were discussing their ongoing challenges relating to product sales, deployment and ultimately support. We talked about what barriers there were to sales for them, and in passing, one of my friends said, “the biggest hurdle to sales, that we are facing, is open source and free software”.

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Making Mistakes - Delegating Success

I have always been perplexed by the leadership challenge of how to minimize the risks of delegating responsibility while ensuring that the work was done right. How does a leader encourage employees to take on tasks, assume risk and still get the job done right? Further, in this rapid paced world we all work in, I find that not a lot of time is spent on analyzing the outcomes of decisions to improve the odds of “getting it right” the next time. Or for that matter determining if we truly did get it right? This follow up analysis is the responsibility of the leadership team, but sadly, it is rarely done.

What the heck happened here?

While leaders aren’t responsible to analyze each and every subordinate action, there should be an atmosphere of encouragement around the process of evaluating outcomes. As a leader, I’ve developed a process of minimizing risks while delegating and assessing results as a follow up. This process has been developed over the past twenty years and has served me well. I apply it even today in my work as a leadership consultant.

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