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Future First

We have been involved with a number of strategic think tanks and have participated in numerous strategy planning sessions. We’ve spoken a bit before about strategy but yesterday we came across an interesting blog by John Roese—its worth a read.
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Plan, What Plan?

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

In our last post we talked about the activities that can assist in developing an operational budget plan. Today we look at the types of plans you may be involved with and the reasons why you need to understand this.
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Company Software Use Legit?

In years of completing due diligence activities with small companies we have run into a number of situations where rapidly growing companies have spent more time on growth and less time on ensuring that they are complying with the rules of software use and licensing. It’s an expensive strategy as twelve companies recently found out.
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SMS—Outgrown It’s Britches

SMS has become an unbridled success in the mobile world. After 15 years of SMS service now we generate  about 8 billion messages daily.
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Meeting Bleating

I was reminded last week, once more, that some individuals, who choose to run meetings, have no clue how to organize, manage an agenda and end on time with a satisfactory (at the least) outcome. As an independent consultant who charges for time spent on projects I am always conscious of what productive work is being done while I sit in a meeting (whether I am being paid or not).
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Decision Action Threshold Event

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One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

Recently we were archiving some notes from a prior consulting engagement and having thumbed through the mounds of data and reports, that made up the effort, we stumbled across some statistical results that caused us to pause. Have you ever considered how to measure the effectiveness of a business in making and implementing decisions?
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Budget Fudget

In our regular daily read of various articles in the world of telephony we came across in interesting article that prompted some discussion with a few colleagues. The news article at TelephonyOnline titled “Ciena CEO: top carriers now budgeting “monthly”” caused us no end of banter. Many of us had worked in carriers who generally had tight controls on spending and significant pressure on managing within a designated budget.
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Farewell Vertical

In a classic science fiction novel titled “Farewell Horizontal” the author, K.W. Jeter describes a world of network ubiquity. Data is accessed anywhere in a universal grid and is paid for in credits. One network for all uses—and no one seems to ever need to call their carrier!

A report recently released (PDF version here) by Deloitte looking at their predictions for Telecoms in 2009 is required reading for anyone interested in the global telecoms market.
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Top Five Budget Pratfalls

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One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

In our work we often get involved with budget review and preparation for small businesses. In many engagements we have been asked to review specific budgets and comment or provide advice and improvements. While there is no absolute formula to creating budgets there are some areas that seem to continuously creep into planning that can be avoided to ensure you get the best budget for your effort. Here are five areas that many budgets fail;
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Carrier Class Defined

Many of the vendors and carriers who advertise (or request) “carrier class” or “carrier grade” products, really do not know of what they speak! In most cases this is said as though it were some worldwide unspoken standard. This is not the case. In our experience the need to develop a standard by which you can measure or compare independent solutions sets, against a defined expectation, is a must, if you wish to be successful in selecting, deploying and managing support system solutions.

In our work in the past we have been asked for definitions of carrier class (or grade) standards. We think there is a range of options that any carrier might find acceptable. So at the risk of being considered buffoons, here goes:
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