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Cold But With Great Access

Now here’s an interesting move by Finland’s government. They are one of the most connected countries with what has been reported as a 96% connection rate. They’ve decided to step that up a notch further with three moves that seem almost incredible given the nature of the country itself.
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Five Islands Many Routes

The Art of Letting Go When Managing Objectives

As a family, some years ago, we had the good fortune to sail the Grecian Cyclades Islands. During this journey I read Homer’s classic, The Odyssey. Contrasting the technology we had on board our sailboat to the Mediterranean’s original sailors, I was astounded by the fact that even with technical advantages, we still struggled with the age-old problem of wind, water and weather.

We had departed from Athens along with about a four other boats. Each having chosen different routes to the various scenic islands within the archipelago. Some of our decisions were dependent upon avoiding the prevalent Meltami winds that blow in the area in July and August. about a week later, as fate would have it, all sailboats were harboured together during a storm on the Island of Paros.

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Managing the Three C’s

A Field Guide to Getting Your Organization’s Objectives Accomplished.

Once an organization has established its prime motive by articulating its vision, mission, values, and key results areas (KRA) along with the resulting objectives, it needs to establish ownership and accountability of these. Doing so will ensure the success of the business unit.

Leaders who need to be convinced that their teams are acting on the important objectives of the business can utilize a simple technique to ensure that this occurs. Frequently, leaders find the connection between the KRA’s of the business unit and the objectives of the individuals within their sphere of influence is not congruent. Interestingly, the intersection of the responsibility to achieve objectives and the Key Results of a given business unit exist in three states: Coverage, Conflict, and Collaboration.
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Begin Again—Again

Creating your future, one year at a time

The turn of a new year has always been a time to consider change. Whether you are making personal resolutions, floating a new company budget or getting yourself and your subordinates to deliver a new set of objectives, this cusp of the calendar has been a significant influence on the cycle of change since time immemorial.

There is no magic about the start of a new year, mostly it’s about being able to demark the past and focus on your clean version of the future. There is something refreshing about being able to drop a bit of last year’s baggage, toast a few past achievements and then have a blank canvas in front of you. When I used one of those big, paper-filled, briefcase-sized, planners I would even be refreshed by the smell of all that new paper. Today I have to be satisfied with the electronic glow of a blank calendar.
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