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Breaking: WIND

In an effort to brand themselves as something other than Yak Wireless, the mobile arm of Globalive has chosen the name of WIND. Not actually a very great surprise. Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA boasts nearly 17 million mobile subscribers in Italy and Greece and is controlled by the financial backer of Globalive’s wireless endeavour, billionaire Naguib Sawiris.
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Your Data Trail

I am regularly astounded by folks who seem to think that they do not leave a data trail or that there is some protection in ignorance. I’ve seen this happen in very innocent activities like donating computers or mobile phones to charity.
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Simply SIM

In the category of “old is new again” there comes the fresh, new, waiting to be cracked, SimBook.
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The Spy Who Loathed Me

In a rather interesting move by Research in Motion they have released software which will undo all the bad things done to Blackberry users in the United Arab Emirates by the domestic carrier Etisalat. The intrigue continues. Continue reading ‘The Spy Who Loathed Me’ »

Jail Bird

In the category of “what will they do next in prison?”, we have a story that is so Tony Soprano. It seems that prisoners in the San Paulo, Brazil state pen have managed to raise pigeons that are smuggled out of the prison and then returned with mobile phones attached to them after they have visited a local mobile phone shop.

Whatever happened to baking a phone into a birthday cake? Read the entire tale here at Associated Press.

Mobile Phone?

We’d heard about this before and had filed the story in our digital to-do files some time ago. This is by far the coolest car any proud telecom person could drive.
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Summit SMS

We’re not quite sure how we let this one get through our telecom dragnet, but it appears that in a short time that you’ll be able to SMS your loved ones when you reach the summit of Everest.
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Toss Your Blackberry

Just when you thought you were cool with your own i-Phone or Blackberry Storm you find out that you are so last year.
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WiMax, Why Not?

For anyone who has worked in telecom in Canada (or pretty much anywhere in North America) within the past  ten years and understands the dependence we have on a wired infrastructure for all forms of communications (Wireless, Cable, Telephone and Broadband) it comes as no surprise that, in spite of all of the hoopla about technological improvements, we are, in fact, living in a telecom world that has rapidly crumbling infrastructure.
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Red Rover We Call You Over

It had to happen. Just when we thought mobile phones could find no more niche markets you can now get a mobile for your dog. Rover does not have to go outside to do his business and lose connection to all of his closest friends.
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