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I managed to listen to Verizon’s Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Policy and Communications, Tom Tauke’s speech to US policy makers about his vision for a realigned telecom mandate to update the now crumbling Telecom Act of 1996. Continue reading ‘FCC IMO’ »

Misappropriated Mobile And The Missus

Things couldn’t have been worse for the jealous wife from Sk√•ne, southern Sweden. It seems she suspected her husband of extramarital activities and stole his mobile to check out his contacts and SMS. In her haste to do this all very secretly she stole away to the back yard in the wee hours of the morning and climbed up into her son’s tree house. As you might expect this story is going from bad to worse very quickly. She got stuck going up the tree and had to use the purloined phone to call for a rescue. You can read all about the ensuing rescue, the public ridicule and ongoing jokes at the local police station. The story was carried in a Swedish newspaper, The Local.

Dial That Number

One of my annual process checks is to revisit my personal Disaster Recovery Plan. I usually try to develop a thorough way to recover from any personal disaster that could affect how I work in my business and how I keep my life sane.
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Theremon Revisited

For those of you who are fans of creepy science fiction you will know only too well the sound of the theremon. That strange electric instrument that is the mainstay of sound effects in most low budget scifi. Now you can get it in your mobile phone.
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Turkey Time

While Thanksgiving in OHANL has come and gone, our southern neighbors are just getting the trimmings out of storage for another feast of the gobbler. It seems appropriate to trot out the latest of the great turkeys…
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Free As In Beer?

Its an interesting time in OHANL. We’ve just come out of the most lucrative spectrum auction, just derailed one of the new entrants and finally saw two of the three largest carriers deliver 3G spectrum (five years late).
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Fast And On Time

In what might be the weirdest pairing in the mobile industry Tag Heuer and Lamborghini have joined forces and created, wait for it, a mobile phone. Not any mobile phone, but the Meridiist.
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DAVE’s Got Dollars

Banner day for DAVE Wireless. The newly minted wireless startup in OHANL just managed to bag C$125M in long term financing.
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Wireless Wonkiness

Bernard Lord, president and CEO of the CWTA was recently pontificating at the Intelligent Communities Summit about why wireless services in Canada are so great. He’s generally a well prepared guy but in this case it seems that he should have done his homework a little more carefully.
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SMS—Outgrown It’s Britches

SMS has become an unbridled success in the mobile world. After 15 years of SMS service now we generate  about 8 billion messages daily.
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