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Batteries Not Included

Bell’s recent announcement of it’s purchase of 750 The Source Stores here in the GWN is a bit of an odd move. Bell has operated its own stores for years. A Bell store has always been as barren as a Russian grocery store during the cold war. They always have massive displays, almost no staff and no inventory.
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Sorry my dance card is full…

Seems like with all the courting and consolidation in the OSS and BSS arena lately¬† it’s rare to see an OSS company ’stay home and wash their hair’. That’s just what UK billing provider, Intec Telecom Systems announced today. In the past it has been courted by many suitors including the likes of Oracle (back in 2006).

M&A activities drain the life out out of the participants and cause the board and company executives to be distracted from the main mission. Intec has been at the negotiation table a number of times in the past. However, with current economic realities, and the urgent need for businesses to focus on their core strengths, this decision should bode well for the future.