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Telecom Tycoon Terry

Serial entrepreneur Terry Matthews was interviewed by SKY news in the UK. Matthews, Welsh by birth and Canadian by choice has some interesting advice in the short clip. He is one of our telecom giants with his creation of a string (more than 200 by his claim) of companies. He was the founder behind such telecom greats such as Mitel and Crosskeys among others.
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One Brain Cell

While reading the April issue of Inc. I was reminded last month about a very painful period of my life in the telecom industry. It was during a period of time I worked for a complete idiot that we underlings referred to as “The Man With One Brain Cell”, (TMWOBC) or (with apologies to Alfred Hitchcock) “The Man Who Knew Too Little”.
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Five Things I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life

Some time ago I was asked to speak to a group of students about my perspectives on work, business and life. I took the opportunity to review all those things I learned after I reached twenty years old (about the point I realized I did not know everything) and sifted through the list until I was left with five important things.
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