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Innovation Inspiration

A recent outing at the Ivey School of Business refreshed my opinion of the some of the great things we ought to be doing with more of our students.
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Visible Objectives

We are huge fans of objectives being front and center. Many firms we have worked with (initially) believe they have objectives, but when asked to show them, they are often rummaging around in email or desk drawers. Objectives need to be up front.
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Five Things I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life

Some time ago I was asked to speak to a group of students about my perspectives on work, business and life. I took the opportunity to review all those things I learned after I reached twenty years old (about the point I realized I did not know everything) and sifted through the list until I was left with five important things.
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Bicycle Leadership

Three Truths of Cycling: A Leader’s Insight

A few summers ago I had the opportunity to ride one of the most pleasant bicycle routes in Ontario. My daughter invited me down to join her on a ride through Wolfe Island which is a ten minute ferry ride south of Kingston. Now Wolfe Island is no Tour de France but it is a great location for some easy rolling. It also has spectacular views of the Kingston waterfront, the lake boat shipping channels, and summer sailboat races. Not to mention that the locals on the Island have a completely different perspective on how life should proceed.

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Curing A Lapse in Leadership

Avoiding the Eeyore Syndrome

As the pressures of executive leadership continue to increase, and the consistency of morale compasses is severely challenged, there is a need for stability and focus to be demonstrated. Faced with overwhelming challenges in their industry, businesses, or personal lives, some leaders become disenfranchised with their prime motives. All too often we hear leaders express frustration, despair and, more disturbingly, fatalism. There is, however, a way around this.
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