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Just The Facts Ma’am

We are factbook junkies. Almost any kind of facts get our attention. The latest gem to come across our radar screen is the Benton Foundation Broadband Fact Book.
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Patent Power

As engineers we are often prone to frittering away countless hours of time delving into obscure information to no sound purpose, but often stumbling across an interesting tidbit. As was the case recently in our musings in the IEEE space, we came across an interesting scorecard of patents for a variety of industries.
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Ready For The Exabyte Deluge?

We are always fans of big numbers. Way back in 1995 we heard that Bob Metcalfe (inventor of ethernet networking) predicted that the flood of data on the Internet, at the time, would bring it to its knees in 1996 or he would eat his article. We later read he munched up the article in front of an industry conference in 1997—a man who lives by his word. We’ve always been interested in the growth of internet data, predictions of its demise and the crow-eaters who predict.
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Roll Your Own Mobile Network

I should have paid more attention to my prof when I was learning about radio systems. It seems to me that there was just too much to learn and, at the time, fiber was the leading technology. So it was with great interest that I heard that a radio system simulator was being released for free. A UK company, Actix, announced this last week. Actix you get a silver star for doing that! Normally they spend their time doing network optimization and performance engineering systems for all those frazzled wireless carriers trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of the ever more complex infrastructure.

What flavor do you want?

Actix has a number of products and they have released the student version of their Radiowave Propagation Simulator (RPS) which can model WLAN, WIMAX, Mesh, UMTS, CDMA2000, and LTE. Maybe all those G-Block spectrum guys could do a network on the cheap?

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Five Will Get You Ten

Saving Money in Canadian Telecom

So imagine Henny Youngman being a telecom guy…

Henny: How do you make a small fortune in Canadian Telecom?

Rube:   Duh, I dont know.

Henny: You start with a big fortune!

It is apparent from the state of telecom in Canada (and the world in general) that there is an urgent need to evaluate the underlying operational costs of running the business and move to significant cost reduced mode of operation. In the go-go days of the late nineties just staying ahead of both service and network deployment was the goal of Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS, BSS). Today, companies who realistically are looking at ways to improve their bottom line, the careful analysis of their underlying Support Systems will give them a possibility of relief in reducing operating costs.

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