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2011 Telecom Predictions India

What are the trends in telecom for the next few years? Who knows, who cares? Actually a lot of people care—it’s just that not many of us are good at figuring out what is likely to be important. Beryl M over at India’s Voice & Data has some interesting opinions for one of the world’s largest telecom markets. Continue reading ‘2011 Telecom Predictions India’ »

Broadband Wherefore Art thou?

Just when you get all of your analysis tools sharpened out comes another report that slags Canadian broadband services. Hmmm… Maybe some analysis is in order?
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Bluster, Bluff and Braggadocio

On the eve of the FCC announcement of the proposed rules for net neutrality Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon Communications CEO, decided it was appropriate to float out a few gallons of FUD at the Supercomm 2009 in Chicago.
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Cold But With Great Access

Now here’s an interesting move by Finland’s government. They are one of the most connected countries with what has been reported as a 96% connection rate. They’ve decided to step that up a notch further with three moves that seem almost incredible given the nature of the country itself.
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Broadband Data Costs

Ericsson just released an interesting report ,written by Greger Blennerud, that dispels a lot of mumbo-jumbo that routinely plagues the mobile data industry. Given Ericsson’s prominence in the industry, and the fact that they have built some of the worlds most populated networks, it bodes well that they predict that broadband costs have nowhere to go but down. From their analysis it seems that mobile data can be as cheap as borscht if you run your network correctly.

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FCC And Net Neutrality

In a recent interview by Cecilia Kang in the Washington Post, Julius Genachowski, the Chairman of the FCC, made some interesting comments about his (and the FCC’s) role in fostering net neutrality. It makes for an interesting read and cause for some serious thinking.
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British Broadband Bait & Switch

On the heels of the just ended CRTC review of broadband throttling (AKA broadband bluffers festival) in Ottawa, news from Britain’s telecoms watchdog indicates that folks in the UK are also being sold a bill of goods by ISPs.
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Budget Fudget

In our regular daily read of various articles in the world of telephony we came across in interesting article that prompted some discussion with a few colleagues. The news article at TelephonyOnline titled “Ciena CEO: top carriers now budgeting “monthly”” caused us no end of banter. Many of us had worked in carriers who generally had tight controls on spending and significant pressure on managing within a designated budget.
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2008—A Venture Drought

It seems that, according to the CVCA, 2008 was the worst year for venture activity in Canada since 1996. This comes as no surprise to anyone involved with small business and startups in the GWN.
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Whither Goest Venture Money?

Prior to some recent business travel, we had amassed a collection of documents to read and analyze on the road. One of those documents was a recent report issued by the CVCA who have delivered some startling news about the status of VC activity in Canada;

  • Venture capital investment in the US has increased by 17%, from 0.18% to 0.21% of GDP
  • Venture capital investment in Canada has decreased by 35%, from 0.13% to 0.085% of GDP
  • And investment by Canadian funds in Canada has decreased from 0.10% to 0.060% of GDP, a 40% drop.

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