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Whistle Stop!

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One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.
Leadership is challenging enough without having to deal with discovering that your employees, employer or work environment has become tainted with unscrupulous behaviors, shady decisions or, in extreme cases illegal acts. Discovering any [...]

Mamma Don’t Want No Network Manager

There are many reasons that SOHO and home networks are lagging so far behind the technological capabilities of the underlying hardware. Significantly that industry has been over burdened with a lack of commitment to standards (or most likely a proliferation of differing, partially implemented draft standards), complex installation processes, poorly implemented interoperability and a general [...]

Top Five Budget Pratfalls

Think | Act
One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

In our work we often get involved with budget review and preparation for small businesses. In many engagements we have been asked to review specific budgets and comment or provide advice and improvements. While [...]

ARM Wrestling Ubuntu

Today a friend of ours pointed out an interesting agreement signed between ARM Ltd. and Canonical Ltd to use the Ubuntu operating system (OS) including the full desktop. ARM are the folks who build mobile processors with embedded operating systems, Canononical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. These processors are used in hundreds of types [...]


Shulist Group is a consultancy that is focused on developing and enabling leadership within the communications industry. Our customers have been service providers, OSS and BSS vendors, and venture capitalists (wishing to invest in either providers or vendors). We provide our clients with appropriate and objective knowledge to support their actions. Our value, as consultants, [...]

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The Shulist Group provides consulting services within many areas of the global communications industry. The firm was created with the philosophy that excellence in consulting can be achieved by collaborating with clients, understanding the nature of their challenges, providing informed advice, objectively guiding their strategies and then getting out of the way and [...]

Making Mistakes - Delegating Success

How to minimize the risks of delegating responsibility while ensuring that the objectives are achieved.

Curing A Lapse in Leadership

Avoiding the Eeyore Syndrome
As the pressures of executive leadership continue to increase, and the consistency of morale compasses is severely challenged, there is a need for stability and focus to be demonstrated. Faced with overwhelming challenges in their industry, businesses, or personal lives, some leaders become disenfranchised with their prime motives. All too [...]