Business Assessment

We believe that independent, objective assessment is necessary to support or challenge management strategies.

We conduct business assessments for venture capital firms who wish to invest and are seeking an expert opinion on the operational aspects of the business. Similarly, we assist OSS, BSS, and ISS vendors in ensuring that their business operations are ready for the scrutiny of a venture capital firm, or in preparation for an IPO. We apply these same disciplines in ongoing operational assessments of businesses that are evaluating their potential for growth.

Assessment Types

We have conducted a number of different assessments. These range for very detailed systematic technical evaluations to broad gauge customer surveys. Some typical assessments that we have delivered for our customers are:

Assessment Purpose
Due Diligence A detailed analysis to determine the current state and the future potential of an investment target.
Development Process Quality An exhaustive analysis of the state of the development process to determine what improvements can be made.
Project Success An evaluation of ongoing project status and a determination of the risk status.
Leadership Strength Assessment A broad analysis of the current state of leadership and management bench strength and a development of programs individually tailored to assist ongoing resource development.
Technical evaluation A comprehensive evaluation of the tools, processes and management of Intellectual Property.
Process Effectiveness An evaluation of specific process flows to determine the correctness of the collateral, the methodology and the skill level of staff within the process.
Customer Quality and Feedback Modeled after classic satisfaction surveys these are usually highly customized and completed face-to-face directly with the customer stakeholders.
Product Completion A summary of the specific collateral needed to fully complete a product and an evaluation of the status quo against those same requirements.
Investment Readiness Principally completed in the early stages of fund raising. Our evaluation will determine the soft spots in your environment and create a roadmap of readiness.

Nature Of The Work

Our experience and methodology ensure we complete a thorough and complete review that, regardless of outcomes, can be a valuable reality check for the company. We focus on the people, the products, and the processes in place, looking for repeatability, scalability and sustainability of the firm in the long term and, ultimately, value to stakeholders. We assist with evaluation of the strengths of the leadership team and particularly their ability to lead the firm to future growth and success.

Our structured review and assessment process, built on years of experience within the industry, can complement the expertise within your organization. We are team-oriented and can quickly integrate with your staff. We can teach your organization how to become better by utilizing objective evaluations of the status quo and a determination of the possible futures.

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