What We Do

We enhance and enable leadership success within the communications industry by providing objective evaluation of all aspects of business operations. With the leaders of the firm, we create achievable plans to effect change. We collaboratively develop the initiatives and related measures to support the successful implementation of the plans.

Business assessment

Independent, objective assessment is necessary to support or challenge management strategies. We conduct business assessments for venture capital firms who wish to invest and are seeking an expert opinion on the operational aspects of the business. Similarly, we assist OSS and BSS vendors in ensuring that their business operations are ready for the scrutiny of a venture capital firm, or in preparation for an IPO. We apply these same disciplines in ongoing operational assessments of businesses which are evaluating their potential for growth. We look for sustainability of the firm and, ultimately, the value to stakeholders. Learn more about our assessment capabilities.


The obligation of a business leadership team is to ensure plans cover strategic, mid-term, and tactical planning activities to maximize value to the corporation. We develop planning processes, assist in plan creation, and provide objective evaluation of current plans. We assist the leadership team in using the appropriate planning horizon for the pace at which their business is moving. We focus on generating actionable and measurable plans to effect the necessary business change. Learn more about our planning process.

Leadership solutions

Having completed our work with clients, we ensure that they are accountable and equipped for change—then we get out their way.

Michael Shulist, 1999

Achieving business outcomes must be the prime motivator of effective leadership. We enable leaders to achieve their plans through providing programs, techniques and tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of business actions. Our solutions include development of business scorecards, project assurance methodologies, and objectives management programs. Learn more about our solutions.

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