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Comment Trash

We’ve been struggling to find a way to deal with the regular load of comment spam on our site. Many of our colleagues have just turned off comments. We did not want to take that route since it eliminates any interaction we might have with our loyal readers. However it is becoming more evident with hundreds of spam comments coming in per day we had to do a bit of cleanup. After trialing a few alternative means we are moving forward with a few web based tools to assist.
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ISP Imbalance

It was a mixed blessing around Bleak House today with Rogers, our ISP, raising our basic download rate to nearly 10 MB/s (as measured at 16:00 today). All were dutifully impressed since to get any communications carrier to do anything for improved customer service, without a commensurate cost, is a rare thing. Rogers, you get a Silver Star for that .
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US - Canada Venturing?

If you have read any of our VC rants in the past you know we feel that venture funding in the telecom and communications sectors have dwindled down to nothing short of a drip feed.
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Funding Falling

We’ve written about the fall of investment funding within the telecom industry before and are always interested in what other folks have to say. It seems a lot.
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Innovation Inspiration

A recent outing at the Ivey School of Business refreshed my opinion of the some of the great things we ought to be doing with more of our students.
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Amazon Spurns Phorm

In a follow up to our earlier posts about the trouble with Phorm it appears that Amazon has chosen to distance itself from the controversial behavior based ad service.
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WiMax, Why Not?

For anyone who has worked in telecom in Canada (or pretty much anywhere in North America) within the pastĀ  ten years and understands the dependence we have on a wired infrastructure for all forms of communications (Wireless, Cable, Telephone and Broadband) it comes as no surprise that, in spite of all of the hoopla about technological improvements, we are, in fact, living in a telecom world that has rapidly crumbling infrastructure.
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Mobile Musings

We’re hearing rumblings in the mobile industry in OHANL that much of the anticipated build-out discussed during the mobile spectrum auction has been met with very tight purse strings and a paranoia of all things economic. It seems that many companies (and their investors) are taking a sober second look at the business climate and discussing deferrals and a much slower build-out plan.
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Dialtone Desperados

In a recently rumored jaw droppingĀ move it’s possible that Verizon will start offering a US$5 monthly phone line. It appears this strategy is a last ditch effort to stem the bloodletting in its landline numbers. We’re not sure why this would be important.
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2008—A Venture Drought

It seems that, according to the CVCA, 2008 was the worst year for venture activity in Canada since 1996. This comes as no surprise to anyone involved with small business and startups in the GWN.
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