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2011 Telecom Predictions India

What are the trends in telecom for the next few years? Who knows, who cares? Actually a lot of people care—it’s just that not many of us are good at figuring out what is likely to be important. Beryl M over at India’s Voice & Data has some interesting opinions for one of the world’s largest telecom markets. Continue reading ‘2011 Telecom Predictions India’ »

Pioneer Philanthropy

In  a recent road trip through Georgia I was walking about a rest stop and noticed a granite block at the bottom of a flag pole. Curious as I am I wandered over to it and was amazed to find a commemorative stone obviously laid as a reminder of the good work that the Telephone Pioneers of America have done over the years. The Pioneers will have a 100th anniversary of during 2011.

Another interesting fact is that Alexander Graham Bell was a founding member! If you are interested in becoming a member or just want to learn more about the Pioneers check out a local group in your area.

Dial That Number

One of my annual process checks is to revisit my personal Disaster Recovery Plan. I usually try to develop a thorough way to recover from any personal disaster that could affect how I work in my business and how I keep my life sane.
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Future First

We have been involved with a number of strategic think tanks and have participated in numerous strategy planning sessions. We’ve spoken a bit before about strategy but yesterday we came across an interesting blog by John Roese—its worth a read.
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Small Business Wunderbar

Yesterday we finally got around to reading an interesting report published by Bank of Montreal on the heavy lifting done by small businesses in OHANL. The report is a comprehensive look at the contributions, challenges and future of what they refer to as the small business “Juggernaut”.
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Deloitte’s Fast 500

Deloitte published its 2009 Fast 500 listing. This list is a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in the United States and Canada.
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Internet Grand Daddy(s)

So what is the oldest domain on the internet? If we had to guess we would have expected something like Bell Labs or AT&T. With internet traffic and users growing in exponential rates it is interesting to note that the internet grew very slowly for a long period of time.

So many domains—So little time

So among the usual suspects you would find the oldest domain being (a stunning 25 years in next March). Others represent a number IT and telco companies. One company that we’re surprised is not represented is CompuServe. Like many others we got our first taste of the rudimentary internet that existed in the early 1980 from providers like CompuServe. You can find the list of the oldest continuously registered domains here. A nostalgic  view indeed.

Telecom Tycoon Terry

Serial entrepreneur Terry Matthews was interviewed by SKY news in the UK. Matthews, Welsh by birth and Canadian by choice has some interesting advice in the short clip. He is one of our telecom giants with his creation of a string (more than 200 by his claim) of companies. He was the founder behind such telecom greats such as Mitel and Crosskeys among others.
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OSS Key to Customer Service

Customer service in the telecom industry, in recent years, has fallen to an all time low. With companies providing poor service, some off-shoring all service and a few having no service at all it’s no wonder that the industry is reaching to find ways to draw customers back. We’ve always held that effective OSS and BSS can be customer retainers. Seem other folks think so also.

Customer Service leverages OSS & BSS

A site we follow has published an interesting read on the connection between systems and improving customer service. You can check it out at Telesperience. The article clearly covers the territory that relates underlying support systems to the customer experience.

Some more for the list

In addition to the areas mentioned in the article there are a few items that need some further consideration.

“OSS is operations, it’s not really relevant,” said one guy I spoke to recently when we were talking customer experience. I’ve had this same argument so many times recently I thought I’d write a little piece explaining why, if you’re serious about your customer experience, you just have to look long and hard at your OSS.

Teresa Cottam

The three areas we believe that carriers fall short of leveraging their value to customers is;

  1. Order Management—in many cases orders are not managed as a continuous flow. Updates are lacking, information is missing and the result is a missed commitment leading to a poor customer service experience. A small number of great OSS companies provide an overarching process flow for orders that telecoms should adopt.
  2. Service Representative Flexibility—In many cases service reps have access to your customer information ONLY while you are on the call. For us this routinely happens on service calls. This is patently stupid and leads to much wasted time for a customer. Is it that hard to allow a representative to take down the call information, complete the research, fix the problem and then call the customer back?
  3. Clear Display of Service Costs—In more than one instance, in the process of requesting service changes, we have discovered that the service rep, and our own information from the carrier’s web site, did not provide any clear delineation of service charges. In at least three times this year we requested a particular service, were provided with a service charge, and had the service activated. Later we found that the service charges were wrong, and in one instance the service conflicted with another on our plan. These were resolved after numerous hours on the phone (see item 2) above.

So what’s your opinion? Is customer service improved by good support systems?

SMS—Outgrown It’s Britches

SMS has become an unbridled success in the mobile world. After 15 years of SMS service now we generate  about 8 billion messages daily.
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