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Funding On MaRS

Today I attended a session over at the MaRS Center where three start-ups presented their business cases for future funding. I’ve written about MaRS before and the great work they do to inspire entrepreneurs.

Make your pitch

It was rather inspiring to see the presentations of these three companies. Each of them presented in a unique manner and refreshed my enthusiasm for the resurgence of entreprenurialism that we truly need in OHANL.
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Company Software Use Legit?

In years of completing due diligence activities with small companies we have run into a number of situations where rapidly growing companies have spent more time on growth and less time on ensuring that they are complying with the rules of software use and licensing. It’s an expensive strategy as twelve companies recently found out.
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Open Source—Not Open Season

We have worked with many firms who have incorporated Open Source modules and applications into their commercial products. These have ranged from print drivers to more obscure technical components within security products. All of these uses can be compliant with the Open Source licensing and use standards as long as the using companies comply to the letter of the law with their use.
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