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Tempting Treat—But No

Ma Bell is stooping to a new low. Today in the post I received a new offer from Bell to convert my existing phone to a “Home Phone”
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Nortel Tell-all

A recent article by James Bagnall at the Calgary Herald outlines the final days of Nortel and it’s board. The once mighty Nortel, darling of both Canadian pride and growing telecom companies was to be no more. The article covers those last days of the board of directors and their struggle to understand and rationalize the reality.

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Customers Care

Customers care about the service you provide them. In fact they care so much they will often walk to your competitor if you treat them with disdain or neglect.
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Telcordia Gets HOT

Telcordia today announced that it had reached an agreement with Hydro One Telecom (HOT) to provide increased Operational Support Systems for the Canadian Broadband provider.
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Bluster, Bluff and Braggadocio

On the eve of the FCC announcement of the proposed rules for net neutrality Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon Communications CEO, decided it was appropriate to float out a few gallons of FUD at the Supercomm 2009 in Chicago.
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Decision Action Event Threshold Part 2

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

You might recall in prior post we discussed the concept of the Decision Action Event Threshold (DATE). Check this out for a quick refresher course.
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DAVE’s Got Dollars

Banner day for DAVE Wireless. The newly minted wireless startup in OHANL just managed to bag C$125M in long term financing.
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Internet Grand Daddy(s)

So what is the oldest domain on the internet? If we had to guess we would have expected something like Bell Labs or AT&T. With internet traffic and users growing in exponential rates it is interesting to note that the internet grew very slowly for a long period of time.

So many domains—So little time

So among the usual suspects you would find the oldest domain being (a stunning 25 years in next March). Others represent a number IT and telco companies. One company that we’re surprised is not represented is CompuServe. Like many others we got our first taste of the rudimentary internet that existed in the early 1980 from providers like CompuServe. You can find the list of the oldest continuously registered domains here. A nostalgic  view indeed.

Cold But With Great Access

Now here’s an interesting move by Finland’s government. They are one of the most connected countries with what has been reported as a 96% connection rate. They’ve decided to step that up a notch further with three moves that seem almost incredible given the nature of the country itself.
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Broadband Data Costs

Ericsson just released an interesting report ,written by Greger Blennerud, that dispels a lot of mumbo-jumbo that routinely plagues the mobile data industry. Given Ericsson’s prominence in the industry, and the fact that they have built some of the worlds most populated networks, it bodes well that they predict that broadband costs have nowhere to go but down. From their analysis it seems that mobile data can be as cheap as borscht if you run your network correctly.

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