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OSS/BSS worldwide

Having been involved in the very early days of independent OSS and BSS companies—in the very distant past (nostalgia sounding background music) it is rather interesting to see the demands placed upon current OSS/BSS providers by their customers.
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Broadband Wherefore Art thou?

Just when you get all of your analysis tools sharpened out comes another report that slags Canadian broadband services. Hmmm… Maybe some analysis is in order?
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Nortel Necropsy-The Novel

Nortel was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of the burial was signed by the bankers, the accountants, the auditor, and the retired employees. Old Nortel was as dead as a door-nail (with our apologies to Dickens).
However, it took James Bagnall, a journalist for the Ottawa Citizen to attempt the full autopsy while the vultures carried away the tasty bits.
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Social Studies

In a recent move, that we applaud, Telstra recently has attempted to educate it’s employees about acceptable online behavior. They’ve done it by posting some of their guidelines online—a novel idea.
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Award Reward

It’s getting to be that time where everyone is creating their best of / worst of lists for 2009. All this year end hype is just great fodder for what usually is a slow news time. What’s surprising about the Internet Telephony’s awards is who has shown up.
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IPV4 Step Aside Here’s IPV6 Simplified

We’ve put off trying to completely understand what IPV6 will truly mean in our world. Enough, Enough! There is a simplified understanding over at Wireless Moves written by Martin Sauter.
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Do Not Call Redux

We’ve written before about privacy and the notoriously flimsy Do Not Call list that is shielding your right to privacy here in the GWN. It seems that in the UK things are not getting better.
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Future First

We have been involved with a number of strategic think tanks and have participated in numerous strategy planning sessions. We’ve spoken a bit before about strategy but yesterday we came across an interesting blog by John Roese—its worth a read.
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Godzilla Of Network Security

One of the truly fascinating OSS companies in the world is Arbor Networks. While the rest of the planet cowers at the sight of Denial of Service attacks and their ilk, the valiant digitally armored from Arbor ride into the Valley of Data.
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Free As In Beer?

Its an interesting time in OHANL. We’ve just come out of the most lucrative spectrum auction, just derailed one of the new entrants and finally saw two of the three largest carriers deliver 3G spectrum (five years late).
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