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Pioneer Philanthropy

In  a recent road trip through Georgia I was walking about a rest stop and noticed a granite block at the bottom of a flag pole. Curious as I am I wandered over to it and was amazed to find a commemorative stone obviously laid as a reminder of the good work that the Telephone Pioneers of America have done over the years. The Pioneers will have a 100th anniversary of during 2011.

Another interesting fact is that Alexander Graham Bell was a founding member! If you are interested in becoming a member or just want to learn more about the Pioneers check out a local group in your area.

Award Reward

It’s getting to be that time where everyone is creating their best of / worst of lists for 2009. All this year end hype is just great fodder for what usually is a slow news time. What’s surprising about the Internet Telephony’s awards is who has shown up.
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Godzilla Of Network Security

One of the truly fascinating OSS companies in the world is Arbor Networks. While the rest of the planet cowers at the sight of Denial of Service attacks and their ilk, the valiant digitally armored from Arbor ride into the Valley of Data.
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Deloitte’s Fast 500

Deloitte published its 2009 Fast 500 listing. This list is a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in the United States and Canada.
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Cold But With Great Access

Now here’s an interesting move by Finland’s government. They are one of the most connected countries with what has been reported as a 96% connection rate. They’ve decided to step that up a notch further with three moves that seem almost incredible given the nature of the country itself.
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Telecom Tycoon Terry

Serial entrepreneur Terry Matthews was interviewed by SKY news in the UK. Matthews, Welsh by birth and Canadian by choice has some interesting advice in the short clip. He is one of our telecom giants with his creation of a string (more than 200 by his claim) of companies. He was the founder behind such telecom greats such as Mitel and Crosskeys among others.
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Canada’s Influential 25

We, as a mostly frozen country, are not known for our “giants of industry”. In fact it is a reality that, for most really great Canadian folks, you could walk by them on the street and not recognize them. We generally like it that way.
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Sales to Services handoff

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

Managing the space between sales and a delivery organization has it’s unique challenges. Over the many years I’ve walked in that somewhat rough ground I’ve learned a thing or two about how to manage the process and in doing so, myself.
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Budget Fudget

In our regular daily read of various articles in the world of telephony we came across in interesting article that prompted some discussion with a few colleagues. The news article at TelephonyOnline titled “Ciena CEO: top carriers now budgeting “monthly”” caused us no end of banter. Many of us had worked in carriers who generally had tight controls on spending and significant pressure on managing within a designated budget.
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Visible Objectives

We are huge fans of objectives being front and center. Many firms we have worked with (initially) believe they have objectives, but when asked to show them, they are often rummaging around in email or desk drawers. Objectives need to be up front.
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