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Nortel Necropsy-The Novel

Nortel was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of the burial was signed by the bankers, the accountants, the auditor, and the retired employees. Old Nortel was as dead as a door-nail (with our apologies to Dickens).
However, it took James Bagnall, a journalist for the Ottawa Citizen [...]

Nortel Tell-all

A recent article by James Bagnall at the Calgary Herald outlines the final days of Nortel and it’s board. The once mighty Nortel, darling of both Canadian pride and growing telecom companies was to be no more. The article covers those last days of the board of directors and their struggle to understand and rationalize [...]

Nortel—Sell It All?

I had great memories of the wonderful things that Nortel developed over the years. It’s too bad it’s come down to this;

Drop In Anytime

In a recent trip to Russia  we were amazed by the contradiction of terms in the urban setting. In a country so obsessed by mobile technology it was weird to see ancient drop wires seemily placed anywhere it was easy to do so.

Patent Power

As engineers we are often prone to frittering away countless hours of time delving into obscure information to no sound purpose, but often stumbling across an interesting tidbit. As was the case recently in our musings in the IEEE space, we came across an interesting scorecard of patents for a variety of industries.