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IMS Redux

In the telecom industry the difference between the hype of new technology and actual implementation of solution sets, that includes that technology, is anything but rational thinking. As a long time colleague of mine used to say, “between vision and reality there lives hallucination”.
IP-Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) started out as the brainchild of the 3rd Generation [...]

Single Common Product and Service Catalogue

Dream or Destiny?
We’ve always been astounded by the rampant proliferation of product and service catalogues within most Communications Service Providers (CSP) and have commented about this before. The speed required to launch services causes most CSPs to make pragmatic decisions to deploy quickly, while paying mostly lip service to product and service catalogues (amongst other [...]

Five Will Get You Ten

Saving Money in Canadian Telecom
So imagine Henny Youngman being a telecom guy…
Henny: How do you make a small fortune in Canadian Telecom?
Rube:   Duh, I dont know.
Henny: You start with a big fortune!
It is apparent from the state of telecom in Canada (and the world in general) that there is an urgent need to evaluate [...]