2011 Telecom Predictions India

What are the trends in telecom for the next few years? Who knows, who cares? Actually a lot of people care—it’s just that not many of us are good at figuring out what is likely to be important. Beryl M over at India’s Voice & Data has some interesting opinions for one of the world’s largest telecom markets.

It seems that the following technologies might be on the radar screen for 2011 there;

  1. 3G - reaching its peak
  2. MNP -
  3. BWA, WiMax and LTE
  4. Increasing rural mobility
  5. Cloud, data center virtualization, and shift to all-IP network
  6. Infrastructure sharing, M&As and operator consolidation
  7. Smart-grid and green technology
  8. FMC, UC, managed services and M2M popularity
  9. Proliferation of smartphones, smart devices and local MNCs
  10. Value Added Services

While India is a completely different market from North America it is rather surprising to see the level of overlap with our own world. Read the entire article here.

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