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In a recent move, that we applaud, Telstra recently has attempted to educate it’s employees about acceptable online behavior. They’ve done it by posting some of their guidelines onlineā€”a novel idea.

Telstra Avatar Lady

In a move to impart a sense of understanding about employee guidelines for using social media Telstra’s posting of it’s policies in a public online manner has opened the door for other corporations to feel OK about going public. Their avatar lady seems a bit creepy to us but otherwise it’s an interesting approach. We’ll monitor to see how it unfolds in the future. Here’s a few of the videos;


There may be more over at Telstra’s channel on Youtube. What seems odd is that Telstra has about 40K employees and the videos have been viewed about 6K times. They have been up for about two months so there certainly has been enough time for viewing.

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One Comment

  1. Wendy Phillips:

    Hi, I’m glad you find the training materials interesting. Telstra has actually had this package hosted on our internal Learning Management System for quite a few months now - the version that is hosted on our exchange and youtube sites was only made available to the public in late December. Around 14,000 staff have completed the course so far, with excellent feedback.

    You can find more information here


    Wendy Phillips

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