Nortel Necropsy-The Novel

Nortel was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of the burial was signed by the bankers, the accountants, the auditor, and the retired employees. Old Nortel was as dead as a door-nail (with our apologies to Dickens).
However, it took James Bagnall, a journalist for the Ottawa Citizen to attempt the full autopsy while the vultures carried away the tasty bits.

Nortel: The chronicles of failure

We have written about Nortel before and late last year we had read some of the Bagnall articles that weave the complex tale of failure in Nortel back in November when it was released (though finding them is difficult—more on that later) and after a bit of down time during the holiday period we managed to aggregate all articles in their logical progression for your reading pleasure;

If you have trouble with the links above, here is a summary in PDF format.

A sad ending to one of Canada’s great success stories.

Ottawa Citizen you might look at how you organize articles such as this excellent work. And also why is your online search so inadequate?

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