IPV4 Step Aside Here’s IPV6 Simplified

We’ve put off trying to completely understand what IPV6 will truly mean in our world. Enough, Enough! There is a simplified understanding over at Wireless Moves written by Martin Sauter.

The explanation begins…

Martin has summarized the work of “Migrating to IPv6″ by Marc Blanchet. (Marc is a long time participant in the whole IPV6 parade and we think at one time he was a founder in Hexago now gogo6). So what follows in Martin’s article is the condensed version of IPV6.

In Part 1 Martin covers the basic differences between IPV4 and IPV6 with a light technical bent. Its a great primer for those wondering what the big deal is and how it will affect them.

In Part 2 Martin dives deeper into IPV6 covering router ‘advertisements’ , local & global addresses and DNS.

Now that we’ve covered the basics we’ve ordered a copy of Marc’s book for the real deal. You can get a limited preview of it over a Google books.

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