Godzilla Of Network Security

One of the truly fascinating OSS companies in the world is Arbor Networks. While the rest of the planet cowers at the sight of Denial of Service attacks and their ilk, the valiant digitally armored from Arbor ride into the Valley of Data.

Behemoth Box

Today Arbor released the latest version of it’s carrier grade security package, Peakflow 5.1. Now we’re accustomed to network throughput but this thing is like excrement through a goose on ex-lax. The measured throughput is 40GB per second. If you think this is not enough Arbor allows you to gang up to five boxes together under one management console.

Arbor is one of those companies that has worked tirelessly at perfecting the tools of their trade. The results of their work is seen by the world as mixed. They are the masters of threat control for carriers and large enterprise¬† but also the fathers of that evil twin deep packet inspection. Love ‘em or hate ‘em you have to give credit to this company for the great products they have delivered.

You can read about this 900 pound gorilla over at Arbor’s press release.

Full Disclosure: We have completed consulting work for Arbor in the past but have not been involved with the company for a number of years now.

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