Tempting Treat—But No

Ma Bell is stooping to a new low. Today in the post I received a new offer from Bell to convert my existing phone to a “Home Phone”

Chotzke included

After reading the details of the new offer (higher price and less features than my current provider) out of the envelope fell a lovely little notepad. They even mention in the text of the letter that they have included a little gift from “us to you”. How touching. Perhaps it’s a wonderful random gift, possibly a little token of their appreciation for my prior 29 years of unbroken commitment as a customer. That commitment ended in 2007 after 7 futile months of trying to get them to get my broadband service operating at even half of the rate they advertised and billed me for every month.

What it will take

Oh no Bell I cannot be bought out for a measly 20 page note pad, even if you print my name on it. I would however reconsider my service provider if you thought about dishing out some fast foreign cars or at the very least a new Moleskine Squared Notebook with my name on the cover—Not!

I am so glad you took the time to write

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