Small Business Wunderbar

Yesterday we finally got around to reading an interesting report published by Bank of Montreal on the heavy lifting done by small businesses in OHANL. The report is a comprehensive look at the contributions, challenges and future of what they refer to as the small business “Juggernaut”.

Some startling facts

BMO’s definition of small business is “firms employing 99 employees or fewer” (same as that used by Industry Canada). Using that definition then 98% of all enterprises in Canada are “small” and they provide nearly 50% of the private sector jobs. We were astounded by this statistic. It is generally not well known and certainly in our discussion with friends it was a complete surprise to most of those we talked to.

Regional views

The report delves further into the regional differences with small businesses across Canada and provides some interesting discussions about the patterns and trends of small business evolution.

Read the full report here.

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