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The Fog Of Decision Making

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

I attended the most recent session of the Rotman’s School of Business training program for Corporate Directors over the past year. During the course of the program I had time to both read and think about senior level leadership decisions.
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You’ll Get Yours Later

We don’t think we can improve on this story. Its another case of truth is stranger…
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Turkey Time

While Thanksgiving in OHANL has come and gone, our southern neighbors are just getting the trimmings out of storage for another feast of the gobbler. It seems appropriate to trot out the latest of the great turkeys…
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Free As In Beer?

Its an interesting time in OHANL. We’ve just come out of the most lucrative spectrum auction, just derailed one of the new entrants and finally saw two of the three largest carriers deliver 3G spectrum (five years late).
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Small Business Wunderbar

Yesterday we finally got around to reading an interesting report published by Bank of Montreal on the heavy lifting done by small businesses in OHANL. The report is a comprehensive look at the contributions, challenges and future of what they refer to as the small business “Juggernaut”.
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Welcome To 1995

Today the CVCA released its latest report highlighting the state of venture funding in OHANL—the short story is that it stinks! We’ve written about this situation in prior posts and it seems the news will not improve soon. If you are a startup and looking for venture money be prepared for some very hard slogging, numerous dead ends and the brush-off in most meetings. We’re pulling for you.
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Fast And On Time

In what might be the weirdest pairing in the mobile industry Tag Heuer and Lamborghini have joined forces and created, wait for it, a mobile phone. Not any mobile phone, but the Meridiist.
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Tempting Treat—But No

Ma Bell is stooping to a new low. Today in the post I received a new offer from Bell to convert my existing phone to a “Home Phone”
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Nortel Tell-all

A recent article by James Bagnall at the Calgary Herald outlines the final days of Nortel and it’s board. The once mighty Nortel, darling of both Canadian pride and growing telecom companies was to be no more. The article covers those last days of the board of directors and their struggle to understand and rationalize the reality.

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