.tel? Do Tell

You might recall from prior scribblings here we fiddled about with a new TLD that holds out hope to create a global address book.

We commit

Signing up for a .tel domain is rather a no-brainer. A number of providers will happily sell you a unique domain that can be used to display your information. Filling in the data is also straight forward, .tel is both a registry and a micro-domain. All data resides in a single site and your data entry is largely fill in the blank. You can see our .tel domain at Shulist Group .tel site. A cool feature is that the site will allow you to extract a vcard for your address book. You can also control who gets your data.

Domain squatters

While all possible steps we’re taken to allow legitimate domain owners to get access to their names (corporations had months to register before the floodgates were opened) it seems that a good number of domain names were scooped up on spec. The problem will be to get a short name so that it is easy to distribute.

Get it now

So if you want your own .tel domain you should sign up soon. It’s one more way to connect with the world.

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