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Today I attended a session over at the MaRS Center where three start-ups presented their business cases for future funding. I’ve written about MaRS before and the great work they do to inspire entrepreneurs.

Make your pitch

It was rather inspiring to see the presentations of these three companies. Each of them presented in a unique manner and refreshed my enthusiasm for the resurgence of entreprenurialism that we truly need in OHANL.

Here’s the rundown from the presentations;

The company has raised $400K to date, seeking an additional $500K. This is an interesting company that is offering web based collaboration tools using SAAS. The service allows groups, organizations or companies to create ad hoc, secure intra and inter-networks and expand these networks on the fly. Secret sauce=allows secure controlled connections to other groups and the internet at large. Maybe you could spend a bit of time on your website to provide potential investor’s or users some information—if you’re going to be a web service don’t start with a dead end.

The company has raised $115K to date, now needs $500K-$1M. This company is taking medical technology (ultrasonics) into the factory floor. They have technology that can be bolted onto feed pipes in factories and can measure, at a molecular level, the makeup of the pipe contents. Not exciting enough you think? Just wait, it has huge opportunities for the cost saving, efficiencies and quality in making everything from butyl rubber, alternative fuels to (my favorite) beer! Secret Sauce=They have a worldwide patent in progress. You need more than a logo on your website!

(Sounds a lot like ColdFX hmmm?) Having raised $1.5M to date they are looking for $500K to $2M more. This company has gone into the area of testing for Macular Degeneration a disease that strikes us as we age and is genetically marked. They’ve done a really smart thing in locking down the IP for this specialization.

Its a simple process;

  1. a specialist orders a test,
  2. patient provide a saliva swab from a test kit,
  3. kit is sent to one of two labs in North America,
  4. labs do test,
  5. results dispatched to patient’s doctor,
  6. $500/test paid for by medicare, private plan or patient; Ka-Ching!

Sectret Sauce=IP Licensed exclusively.

Great companies with wonderful potential and a great day all around.

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