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So a few days ago by mistake I mis-dialed a toll free number. I reached 1-800-987-0768. Nothing there but some guy reading out what at first appears to be random numbers and then it redials a number. I call back again and same thing but new numbers…

We Sherlock for you

Speed dial another time and this time I record the call to get all of the digits. Telephone service is predictable so this mystery should be solved shortly. I record the call three times and here’s what it gets to;

  1. Call number 1: 800-23-711-409-3944
  2. Call number 2: 500-31-711-409-3944
  3. Call number 3: 200-56-711-409-3944

Random pattern of digits to the first five characters but could that be an NPA then NXX and number? I check out the NPA lookup for 711 and direct hit! The NPA is an area code reserved for Telecommunications Relay Services;

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) is a telephone service that allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls.

Now the numbers being dialed always ring busy so I cannot tell if they are intended to go to that actual 711 number location or if it’s dialing something else. Hmmm need my trusty DTMF decoder. While it’s possible that my DTMF decoder is on the fritz (not used for many years, though it tested good on my phone) it recorded what were, at best, random dialed numbers. So mystery remains…I hate being foiled on a case!

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