Customers Care

Customers care about the service you provide them. In fact they care so much they will often walk to your competitor if you treat them with disdain or neglect.

Hi, I’ve been with you a long time

A recent survey by Ernst and Young, related to telecom, providers ranked the number one risk to telecom providers as Losing ownership of the client. Does this fact make any sense in your business and experience? We see this risk every day in both dealing with our clients and with our vendors dealing with us. We’ve had long term relationships with many providers. Their interest in us, as customers, has waxed and waned but it has never been consistent. This is just not a rationale and sustainable approach in a world of increasing competition.

The E&Y report can obtained here and it makes for some great reading as a back drop to your planning for 2010. We suggest that if you are involved with long term planning this is required reading. An additional article written by Tamara Monosoff has some very practical advice can be found over at

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