Network Monitoring—Plug and Pay

A few friends and I were talking about network monitoring last week. We’d all lived through the pain and anguish of the evolution of the network monitoring process. We had nightmares of routers linking large corporate clients not being visible on monitored circuits and dreading the late night call “my circuit is down!”. From the early days of hand configuring routers, installing monitoring tools that did not interconnect, to cascading network failures. It was so much fun!

Upstarts at the gate

It was a bit refreshing to hear that network monitoring start-up Vineyard Networks from Kelowna, BC is making quite a stir in the industry. Theirs is a disruptive approach to a rather under-served market—small and medium business. There solution is offered in two flavors;

  1. NetCore on Demand, a cloud based solution requiring a monthly subscription fee for small business, and
  2. NetCore on Site, a traditional in-house server solution.

In either case you get an network monitoring tool to assist in managing a growing network.

Information shortage

While their website provides you an opportunity for an overview of the services it seems they ran out of time to make it work fully. There is no information in the Resources area which makes impossible to understand what is involved with the process of getting your devices online. Also the link to “request more Information” alas goes to the endless bin bucket.

We’ll keep our readers posted when we hear more from this company.

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