Drop In Anytime

In a recent trip to Russia  we were amazed by the contradiction of terms in the urban setting. In a country so obsessed by mobile technology it was weird to see ancient drop wires seemily placed anywhere it was easy to do so.

Just string ‘er up there Ivan

In metropolitan areas it was not unusual to see telecom cables and DROP WIRE (you heard it—drop wire) run from building to building. It caught our attention when we were in the proximity of the Soviet era apartment blocks. You know the ones—one design—thousands built—cheap as borscht.

The photo to the right is on a major street in St. Petersburg showing numerous street fixture and transit cabling and also telecom cables and drop wires running between building.

We Sherlock it out

We followed the drop attachments and found it what we knew as “Z drop wire”, some of it was “NEZ”, thats a multi-conductor with an enclosed support cable. Some of it came from Nortel???

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