CWTA Code of Conduct—Ho Hum

In what has to be the least important telecom press release this summer (and what a testament to hope this summer was) is the recent announcement by the CWTA of the love-in by the Canadian telecom suppliers called the Code of Conduct.

We thought you already did that?

It seems that the Canadian telecom providers need to finally formalize what would otherwise be considered average customer service. The Code, not quite of biblical proportions, is supposed to make consumers of telecom services feel all warm and fuzzy that we are being looked after. Here’s the abbreviated version;

  1. Provide their customers with complete details on the rates, terms and coverage offered in each of their plans.
  2. Help ensure that their customers understand the terms of their contracts.
  3. Communicate with their customers in a way they understand.
  4. Ensure that their advertising is clear.
  5. Protect their customers’ rights when they must change contract terms.
  6. Provide ready access to customer service.
  7. Safeguard their customers’ personal information.
  8. Resolve complaints efficiently, fairly and courteously.

For those of you with not much else to do you can read the the full release here and a complete explanation of the Code here.

We’re feeling so much better now—aren’t you?

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