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Network Monitoring—Plug and Pay

A few friends and I were talking about network monitoring last week. We’d all lived through the pain and anguish of the evolution of the network monitoring process. We had nightmares of routers linking large corporate clients not being visible on monitored circuits and dreading the late night call “my circuit is down!”. From the early days of hand configuring routers, installing monitoring tools that did not interconnect, to cascading network failures. It was so much fun!
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Company Software Use Legit?

In years of completing due diligence activities with small companies we have run into a number of situations where rapidly growing companies have spent more time on growth and less time on ensuring that they are complying with the rules of software use and licensing. It’s an expensive strategy as twelve companies recently found out.
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Drop In Anytime

In a recent trip to Russia  we were amazed by the contradiction of terms in the urban setting. In a country so obsessed by mobile technology it was weird to see ancient drop wires seemily placed anywhere it was easy to do so.
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CWTA Code of Conduct—Ho Hum

In what has to be the least important telecom press release this summer (and what a testament to hope this summer was) is the recent announcement by the CWTA of the love-in by the Canadian telecom suppliers called the Code of Conduct.
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