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SMS—Outgrown It’s Britches

SMS has become an unbridled success in the mobile world. After 15 years of SMS service now we generate  about 8 billion messages daily.
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If It’s Yellow

Have you used a telephone book in recent memory? We know we have not looked at one for at least three or four years.

Where oh where

With the convenience of 411 access using voice commands, the ubiquity of web access on mobiles and great tools such as Google over SMS who needs a book?

Drive by phone books

Further, it seems to us that the indiscriminate dumping of phone books inside apartment buildings (counted ~300 at a family friend’s apartment lobby—the books have been there more than three months), delivering two or more in urban areas, and using drive-by in rural areas is a completely stupid environmental action.

Bin there, dump that

What do you do with white/yellow books you do not need? Us, we toss them in the blue bin. Someone ought to tell the companies that produce them—or maybe the folks who advertise in them.

Venture Funding Valley

In a recent press release the Canadian Venture Capital Association in what appears to be another volley of concern to the federal government has again chronicled the precipitous fall in investment levels in Canada in the second quarter.
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Breaking: WIND

In an effort to brand themselves as something other than Yak Wireless, the mobile arm of Globalive has chosen the name of WIND. Not actually a very great surprise. Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA boasts nearly 17 million mobile subscribers in Italy and Greece and is controlled by the financial backer of Globalive’s wireless endeavour, billionaire Naguib Sawiris.
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