Simply SIM

In the category of “old is new again” there comes the fresh, new, waiting to be cracked, SimBook.

It seems to suggest (see original ad copy)that as a backup to the data stored on your SIM card you can use this clever device. Its a paper book made to look like a SIM card! Probably OK for you back-to-the-landers, but if you truly want to back up your SIM or you have hundreds of contacts you should;

  1. Choose a phone that synchs with your PC based address book, or
  2. select a phone which will back up your data to an SD card in a format that can be read by a PC, or
  3. buy a USB based SIM card reader, or
  4. back up your SIM card with a product such as Simkey Simcard Backup.

Paper is so last millennium.

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One Comment

  1. barry:

    i dont think this is meant to be a replacement for backups of your SIM card. its just a cool designed note/address book

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