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British Broadband Bait & Switch

On the heels of the just ended CRTC review of broadband throttling (AKA broadband bluffers festival) in Ottawa, news from Britain’s telecoms watchdog indicates that folks in the UK are also being sold a bill of goods by ISPs.
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Your Data Trail

I am regularly astounded by folks who seem to think that they do not leave a data trail or that there is some protection in ignorance. I’ve seen this happen in very innocent activities like donating computers or mobile phones to charity.
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Simply SIM

In the category of “old is new again” there comes the fresh, new, waiting to be cracked, SimBook.
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Telecom Hall Of Fame Inductees 2009

The Canadian Telecom Hall of Fame recently got a few new members. During recent weeks the board of governors announced the five new inductees. Continue reading ‘Telecom Hall Of Fame Inductees 2009’ »

The Spy Who Loathed Me

In a rather interesting move by Research in Motion they have released software which will undo all the bad things done to Blackberry users in the United Arab Emirates by the domestic carrier Etisalat. The intrigue continues. Continue reading ‘The Spy Who Loathed Me’ »

Meeting Bleating

I was reminded last week, once more, that some individuals, who choose to run meetings, have no clue how to organize, manage an agenda and end on time with a satisfactory (at the least) outcome. As an independent consultant who charges for time spent on projects I am always conscious of what productive work is being done while I sit in a meeting (whether I am being paid or not).
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Jail Bird

In the category of “what will they do next in prison?”, we have a story that is so Tony Soprano. It seems that prisoners in the San Paulo, Brazil state pen have managed to raise pigeons that are smuggled out of the prison and then returned with mobile phones attached to them after they have visited a local mobile phone shop.

Whatever happened to baking a phone into a birthday cake? Read the entire tale here at Associated Press.

I Want My P2P

In the ongoing bluff festival being sponsored by the CRTC over the traffic shaping of internet content (read blocking of P2P) it seems that most participants don’t see the obvious. The current lot of carriers are forgetting their history. Continue reading ‘I Want My P2P’ »