Summit SMS

We’re not quite sure how we let this one get through our telecom dragnet, but it appears that in a short time that you’ll be able to SMS your loved ones when you reach the summit of Everest.

Seems that Nepal Telecom is planning to install a mobile tower around base camp. This is a real boon to those of us who climb up and want to spend some time talking to our friends who just could not be there. Having climbed a few mountains of our own it seems that this is one more distraction to a very tough climb which will have marginal benefits. Here’s how we see most calls will go down;

Flatlander: Hello, Flatlander here. How can I help you?

Climber: Hey Flat…I…ugh…jus’…hold on.. ’til…I…get…my…breath.

Flatlander: What’s this are you some perv? What’s all this heavy breathing? Have’nt heard that since the mis-dialed 967 number. What gives?

Climber: Wait…I…ugh…adjust…tank.

Flatlander: Whoa! Who is this?

Climber: Yeah…I…jes’…made…it…top.

Flatlander: Kiss off wheezy and call some other rube!

And so it goes. You can also read about this triumph for rural telecom service here.

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