Litigate Your Way To Success

In what has to be one of the most useless legal cases that ever reached the London docket was settled for the princely sum of £5.

It seems Linklaters, a high priced, Silk Street legal firm, in London provided some advice to Levicom, which was in a contractual kerfuffle with telecoms company Tele2 AB. Apparently that did not go too well so Levicom sued Linklaters.

Cigar anyone?

Now in my experience suing a law firm is like smoking a cigar in a dynamite store. It might be OK for the first few puffs but eventually you’re going to get your ass blown up and your wallet will disappear. At any rate it seems the presiding judge thought similarly;

Mr Justice Andrew Smith ruled that, despite finding Linklaters’ early advice to the claimant was expressed negligently, it did not bear any loss to the client and therefore awarded nominal damages of just £5.

You can read more of the whole sordid tale at LegalWeek.

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