ISP Imbalance

It was a mixed blessing around Bleak House today with Rogers, our ISP, raising our basic download rate to nearly 10 MB/s (as measured at 16:00 today). All were dutifully impressed since to get any communications carrier to do anything for improved customer service, without a commensurate cost, is a rare thing. Rogers, you get a Silver Star for that .

Improved download

The new rate tested out quite nicely at with a respectable comparative profile;

Notable was the significant improved rate over the average service from the other ISPs domestically and internationally.

I’ll trade 1 MB/s of that for…

Annoyingly on the other side of the equation is the goofy adherence to a limited upload speed ot 0.5MB/s;

Notable is the way we Rogers customers lag behind other ISPs in Canada and the rest of the world.

In our space all of our client work is provided via direct secure FTP, Torrents or collaboration servers and as a result of this piddly upload speed documents seem to take forever to get to where they need to be. We would gladly give up 1 - 2 MB/s of download speed for the commensurate change to our upload capability.

Rogers—are you listening—is anybody there?

My upload rate has fallen down and it can’t get up…

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