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A recent outing at the Ivey School of Business refreshed my opinion of the some of the great things we ought to be doing with more of our students.

First off, I must go full disclosure on this topic. Last year I was honored to be selected to become one of the Ivey Entrepreneurial coaches and consult to a team of creative folks in the Entrepreneurial program. The fellow who asked me, Ron Close, is a long time friend and serial entrepreneur in and around the telecom industry.

The event

The Entrepreneurial program has teams of four to six MBA students who investigate, select, and develop a business plan for a potential business. On 2009-05-08 all team coaches were down in London, ON to participate in the presentation of  the business plans from five of these teams.

Teamwork wins out

The event was humbling in that these teams had grabbed the ball and run with it. In fact the teams were so pumped on the opportunities that three of the five plan to run an actual business under the proposed model.

What was rather striking also was that the team’s requirements, as startups, were minuscule and in some cases had already been funded out of beg, borrow, friend and family. This was refreshing to see.

A call to action?

Think what country we could become if all universities and colleges considered the entrepreneurial spirit as an important value to foster?

More references

Some additional reading can be found here;
Ivey Entrepreneurial Blog, Subscribe to the Ivey Entrepreneurial Newsletter, BDC Entrepreneur Program, and the Canadian ACE Program.

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