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We’re hearing rumblings in the mobile industry in OHANL that much of the anticipated build-out discussed during the mobile spectrum auction has been met with very tight purse strings and a paranoia of all things economic. It seems that many companies (and their investors) are taking a sober second look at the business climate and discussing deferrals and a much slower build-out plan.
For those of us in the industry it was a jolt of excitement last year to see some fervor that came with the spectrum auction and took us back to the heady days of early 1990’s during the long distance wars.

It seems that the mobile build-out will be a hurry up and wait scenario. Maisie Ramsay over at Wireless Week summarized the situation quite compactly in a recent article about the Canadian market. While the article has a few conflicting numbers (wireless penetration is quoted in the body of that article as 64% but in a sidebar as 72%) the point being made is still valid as adoption rates in Canada are low.

This slowed down approach is a situation not good for Canadian telecom in general and for consumers more specifically.

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