Batteries Not Included

Bell’s recent announcement of it’s purchase of 750 The Source Stores here in the GWN is a bit of an odd move. Bell has operated its own stores for years. A Bell store has always been as barren as a Russian grocery store during the cold war. They always have massive displays, almost no staff and no inventory.
It seems to us that they will have to get their act together if they really want to utilize the strengths of the Source retail locations. We’ve always found the staff at the Source to be knowledgeable and willing to help with problems or finding a specific item (like that way cool 20 Volt stiffening capacitor shown in the photo above). A far cry from dealing with a Bell storeā€”at least in our experience.

Bell traditionally allowed for no autonomy in any of it’s retail locations. This has lead to the inability for it’s store staff to deal with anything out of the ordinary. On the other hand The Source stores seemed to be operated more independently and allow the staff to make decisions on the fly. We cannot see how the management of these stores will be improved by Bell’s traditional approach.

The acquisition does have the added benefit that Bell will most likely drop the sale of it’s competitors products. Goodbye Rogers mobiles, cable service, so long Telus mobiles and it does not bode well for the new wireless entrants who now have 750 fewer outlets at their disposal.

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