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Sales to Services handoff

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

Managing the space between sales and a delivery organization has it’s unique challenges. Over the many years I’ve walked in that somewhat rough ground I’ve learned a thing or two about how to manage the process and in doing so, myself.
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Carrier Grade Linux

Since in early 2002 we’ve followed the trials and tribulations of Linux trying to get some respect in the world of telecom. It has crept in, operationally, in various devices (think data routers, ip switches, VOIP routers and handsets—Android) but has yet to be accepted as a mainstream alternative.
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Telecom Is Bumpy

Back in 2005, Thomas L. Friedman wrote The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century an interesting history of our recent past. We read it with great interest and imagined what it might mean to the world of telecom. The book was a bit of a wake up call to many industries and we recommended it to many of our colleagues. A world without barriers to business had a very compelling ring to it.
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Vendor Financing—Slippery Slope

A recent trend that we’ve been monitoring closely in the press is causing some pains of memories past. It seems that in this economic downturn some telecoms suppliers are willing to shell out big bucks to help their customers place orders.
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Budget Fudget

In our regular daily read of various articles in the world of telephony we came across in interesting article that prompted some discussion with a few colleagues. The news article at TelephonyOnline titled “Ciena CEO: top carriers now budgeting “monthly”” caused us no end of banter. Many of us had worked in carriers who generally had tight controls on spending and significant pressure on managing within a designated budget.
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Red Rover We Call You Over

It had to happen. Just when we thought mobile phones could find no more niche markets you can now get a mobile for your dog. Rover does not have to go outside to do his business and lose connection to all of his closest friends.
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Who Ya Gonna Call?

We’ve been following the growth of post Web 2.0 applications. They are web based applications that allow end users to highly customize the interaction with a third party. They’re neat, easy and extremely powerful. Most recently one of these application has received some significant funding.

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Batteries Not Included

Bell’s recent announcement of it’s purchase of 750 The Source Stores here in the GWN is a bit of an odd move. Bell has operated its own stores for years. A Bell store has always been as barren as a Russian grocery store during the cold war. They always have massive displays, almost no staff and no inventory.
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Mobile Musings

We’re hearing rumblings in the mobile industry in OHANL that much of the anticipated build-out discussed during the mobile spectrum auction has been met with very tight purse strings and a paranoia of all things economic. It seems that many companies (and their investors) are taking a sober second look at the business climate and discussing deferrals and a much slower build-out plan.
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